President Mohamed Nasheed has called for the support of the international community to consolidate democracy in the Maldives.

Speaking at the informal dinner hosted by the President and the First Lady for foreign dignitaries who visited the Maldives to participate in the Independence Day celebrations, the President said that this year’s Independence Day was being celebrated at a time when the country faced a number of challenges. He said the Maldives need international support to overcome these challenges and consolidate democracy.

President Nasheed thanked the international community for their support to the Maldives, especially for their support in the democratisation process.

Furthermore, the President said that the Maldives still needed to continue with the democratisation process and establish institutions fit for a democratic society. He also said that despite the challenges, he was confident that the Maldives can successfully complete the work ahead.

In his remarks, President Nasheed reiterated his view that climate change posed an existential threat to the Maldives, and that if the international community could not save the Maldives today, it would not be possible to save the rest of the world in the future.

Last night’s dinner was also attended by Cabinet Ministers, State Ministers, heads of statutory bodies, members of the People’s Majlis and the leaders of the political parties.