In accordance with Article157 and 158 of the Constitution, the President has today constituted the Judicial Service Commission.

The members of the Judicial Service Commission are as follows:

- Mr Abdulla Shahid, Speaker of the People’s Majlis
- Uz Mujthaz Fahumy, a Judge of the Supreme Court elected by the judges of the Supreme
- Uz Abdul Ghanee Mohamed, a Judge of the High Court elected by the judges of the High Court
- Mr Abdulla Didi, a Judge of the Trial Courts elected by the judges of the Trial Courts
- Dr Afrasheem Ali, a Member of the People’s Majlis appointed by it
- Sh. Shuaib Abdul Rahman, member of the general public, appointed by the People’s Majlis
- Dr. Mohamed Latheef, President of the Civil Service Commission
- Ms Aishath Velezinee, member appointed by the President
- Uz Husnu Suood , Attorney General

The members took their oath of office before the Chief Justice Uz Abdulla Saeed. Their Letters of Appointment to the members were presented by the President.

Addressing the members, the President called on the members to fulfil their responsibilities in establishing justice.

Election is yet to be held to elect a lawyer among the lawyers licensed to practise in the Maldives by themselves.