As part of his tour to some islands of South Thiladhunmathi atoll, the President has today visited Nolhivaram and Neykurendhoo.

Addressing the people of Nolhivaram, the President said that the government has planned to set up an agricultural school in Nolhivaram and expressed his confidence that this school would be a successful one. President Nasheed also spoke on the developmental projects planned for the island.

The President’s second leg of his tour to South Thiladhunmathi was Neykurendhoo. Speaking with the people of the island, the President said that the government planned to develop the island as an agricultural island.

Both in Nolhivaram and Neykurendhoo, the President shared with the people the government’s vision for Maldives. He further stressed that basic services were crucial for the development of a country and he detailed the government’s efforts to provide these services.