During a meeting held at the Royal Castle this evening, King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden has congratulated President Nasheed for having received the Anna Lindh Prize.

The King also noted the work being carried out for development, protect human rights and safeguard the environment in the Maldives.

Speaking at the meeting, President Nasheed said that as Sweden would be holding the Presidency of the European Union, it was of utmost importance that Sweden played a grater role to combat climate change. The President also said he hoped that the Swedish delegation at the Copenhagen Summit would make a vital contribution to the outcome of the talks.

King Gustaf briefed the President on the importance that Sweden attached to the success of the climate negotiations in Copenhagen. He also concurred on the significant link between climate change and human rights.

After his audience with the King, President Nasheed attended an informal reception with King Gustaf on the occasion of Volvo Ocean Race. The President met with and congratulated Mr Carl-Henrich Svanberg, President of Ericsson. The Ericsson racing team won this year’s Volvo Ocean Race.

President Nasheed also met with Swedish Environment Minister Mr Andreas Carlgren. The President and the Minister discussed the Copenhagen Summit to be held later this year. The Minister commended the President’s efforts to promote greater awareness on climate change.