Vice President Dr Mohamed Waheed has met with Ms Isabel Guerrero, the Vice President of the World Bank South Asia Region. The meeting was also attended by Mr Paolo Martelli, the Regional Director of International Finance Cooperation.

At the meeting, discussions were focused on a number of issues including the economic constraints of the Maldives, the impact of climate change in the Maldives and the drug issue.
The Vice President also informed Ms Isabel Guerrero and Mr Paolo Martelli on the Maldives to go carbon neutral and explored the possibility of seeking technical assistance from the Maldives in this endeavour.

Ms Isabel Guerrero welcomed the Maldives plan to become world’s first carbon neutral country.
Discussions were also held on conducting exercises focused on the private sector of the Maldives in collaboration with the World Bank and the International Finance Cooperation. In addition, they also stressed the need to introduce greener technologies and also on linking these technologies to the Maldives’ eco-plan.

Separately, Dr Waheed met with Dr Merza Hasan, the Executive Director of the World Bank, the Vice President highlighted on the economic constraints of the country, and said that the Maldives would need the support and assistance from the World Bank, to improve the economic situation.

As part of his visit to the United States, Dr Waheed also met with US State Department’s Coordinator for Counter-terrorism, Ambassador Daniel Benjamin.

At the meeting the Vice President discussed with Ambassador Benjamin on strengthening the Maldives’ border security and discussed ways of seeking US assistance in the areas of maritime counterterrorism and counternarcotics.