Vice President Dr Mohamed Waheed has discussed with the Stanford University of United States on seeking cooperation and assistance to combat the effects of climate change in the Maldives.

The Director of Stanford University’s Woods Institute for Environment, Mr Barton Thompson, Director of Precourt Institute for Energy, Mr Franklin M. Orr, Director of Global Climate and Energy Project, Ms Sally Benson, and Director of Precourt Energy Efficiency Centre, Mr James L. Sweeney attended the meeting with the Vice President.

Vice President Dr Waheed spoke on the effects of climate change on the Maldives and on the need to establish a research facility in the Maldives to study the effects of climate change.

At the meeting, Stanford University officials said that the University would provide all the assistance in areas related to climate change. They also said that the University would assist the Maldives in formulating more environmentally considerate building regulations.

Furthermore, they also expressed their interest in establishing a research centre in the Maldives for the experimentation and introduction of eco friendly technologies and products.