Dollar ATM service has been installed in K. Maafushi as part of President Dr Mohamed Muizzu's presidential pledge. This marks the first time the service is being provided outside Malé City.

During the first round of the presidential election campaign in K. Guraidhoo on August 19, 2023, President Dr Muizzu pledged to install dollar ATMs on Maafushi Island.

Recognizing that Maafushi is one of the islands that extensively transacts in dollars, the President stated that Maafushi would be the first island outside Malé City to house dollar ATMs to better support the island's economic development.

In addition to the campaign pledge, in the ‘Raees ge Javaabu’ Q&A series on February 15, 2024, the President reiterated his promise to install the dollar ATM service in Maafushi in response to a question from K. Maafushi resident Ahmed Sameer.

The President has launched initiatives to boost the nation's economy and provide convenient, safe, reliable, and modern financial transaction systems. The past six months have seen successful advancements in this area.