The National Awards Committee has decided to open nominations for this year's ‘National Awards’ on Tuesday, April 23. The Committee has inquired for feedback from the relevant ministries on the areas in which the awards are presently conferred.

The National Awards have been expanded to include two additional categories. The first category recognises outstanding contributions to foster the elements and ideals of Maldivian nationhood.

The Committee will take into consideration efforts made by individuals and organisations to further the elements, ideals, and values of Maldivian nationhood within the framework of the Islamic Maldivian identity, with a commitment to fostering and sustaining core Maldivian principles and promoting nation-building, the betterment of civic, community, and citizen affairs, thought leadership, science and technology, and the arts and creative industries of the Maldives.

The second category recognizes exceptional, long-standing services rendered in various fields of skill and competence.

The National Award of Honour and the National Award of Recognition are conferred as the National Awards. The recipients of the National Award of Honour are presented with commemorative shields, badges, and a certificate by the President, whereas the recipients of the National Award of Recognition are presented with commemorative plaques and certificates by the President.

This year, the National Awards will be conferred during an official celebration commemorating National Day.