President Dr Mohamed Muizzu has pledge to actualize the vision of establishing a resort within the lagoon of Kelaa Island. The President made the remarks while meeting with the residents of HA. Kelaa Island.

The President announced that the development of the resort in Kelaa Island's lagoon would have positive implications for both the residents of Kelaa Island and the wider atoll. Additionally, the President provided an overview of the government's nationwide agricultural enhancement plans, emphasising the importance of ensuring food security. The President highlighted that agricultural produce sufficient to support local and tourist demand requires a comprehensive operation, relaying his vision for Kelaa Island to contribute to such an operation.

The President said Kelaa Island would be prioritised in the administration's endeavour to deliver housing projects nationwide. In that regard, the President committed to facilitating the economic development of Kelaa Island by creating opportunities in sectors such as tourism and agriculture with the provision of additional housing.