President Dr Mohamed Muizzu has stated that the Administration will fulfil all the pledges for the economic development of Kolamaafushi Island and make the Integrated Tourism Development Project a reality. The President made the remarks while speaking with the residents of GA. Kolamaafushi Island this afternoon.

During the meeting held at Kolamafushi School, the President announced plans to build a city hotel under the Integrated Tourism Development Project. He stated that the project will commence after the economic council finalises it.

The President reiterated the Government's commitment to bringing development to the country. He emphasised that the Administration will not solely rely on the existing budget, detailing that the Government will work on attracting investors and developers, boosting the private sector, and encouraging green-lighting projects with more investment potential.

A high-level Government delegation accompanies the President on his tour of several islands in Addu City, Fuvahmulah City, and the North and South Huvadhu Atolls.