President Dr Mohamed Muizzu has made significant appointments, including the Commissioner General of Customs, and other top government positions. The ceremony to present the letters of appointment was held at the President’s Office this evening.

At the ceremony, President Dr. Muizzu appointed Yoosuf Maniu Mohamed as the Commissioner General of Customs and presented him with the letter of appointment. Prior to receiving the letter of appointment, he took an oath of service as a customs officer before the Supreme Court Judge, Hon. Uz. Mahaz Ali Zahir. This appointment is at the state ministerial level.

Additionally, the President appointed Abdullah Nazim Ibrahim as the Principal Secretary to the President on Public Policy at the ministerial level.

Moreover, the President appointed four senior government officials at the state ministerial level. They are as follows:

1. Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Mohamed Fahmy Hassan
2. Minister of State for Sports, Fitness, and Recreation, Ibrahim Amir
3. State Minister at the Presidential Palace, Uza. Fathimath Shamnaaz Ali Saleem
4. Commissioner of Prisons, Hassan Zareer