President Dr Mohamed Muizzu has stated that striking a balance between structural and human development will be one of the fundamental policies of this starting presidential term. He made these remarks this evening in his Inaugural Address after assuming office. The Inaugural Ceremony for the 8th President of the Maldives was held at the Republic Square.

The President stated that today is a historic day full of hope as the Maldivians set sail to return to their homeland. He highlighted his administration’s goals to instil morals, religious values, and skills in the youth, as these will aid in the Maldives' progress and greater prosperity.

The President declared that his administration would uphold the autonomy of the three branches of government, emphasising that it would refrain from interfering in the legal system. “That said, this does not imply that the administration will ignore criminal activity. The President’s Office interfering in the judiciary ends here right now,” he said.

In his address, President Dr Muizzu noted that the state's total debt when he assumed office was MVR 119 billion, the biggest in the Maldives' financial history. Noting that the Maldives remains strong enough to overcome the economic fallout, he disclosed that his government would take swift steps to deal with the situation. In this regard, he highlighted completing the Velana International Airport project, the expeditious opening of a new modern terminal, generating more tourism revenue and developing methods to reduce costs.

The President declared that his administration will highly prioritise the tourism industry, which he said is one of the strongest pillars of the nation's economy. He emphasised that the government would develop new approaches to managing and furthering the tourism industry. He additionally noted that his administration would make living conditions easier, including housing accommodations for workers in the tourism industry.

Stressing that the government will continue its land and housing policy, President Dr Muizzu stated that Maldivians will see a golden era of housing and land ownership during his presidency. He further avowed his government’s plans to build garlands of magnificent gardens and state-of-the-art buildings, starting from Uthuru Thila Falhu to Fushi Dhiggaru Falhu, for which most of the planning and paperwork is complete.

He also emphasised the need for the government to have a sustainable, fair development framework to carry out development operations. He stated that the government's development efforts will follow this vision, which he described as a new model to share the advantages of growth and urbanisation to diverse parts of the country. Emphasising medium and long-term objectives, he added that the goal is to construct a master plan for national development for the next 20 years and give it legal power to build the future that the people desire based on their proposals. Stating that the government would open up an opportunity to share the aspirations and views of the people in this regard, he urged the learned professionals from all walks of life to help the government with their research and experience.

The President highlighted this administration's further development plan, which includes establishing two integrated development zones in the northern and southernmost parts of the country and developing seven urban centres throughout the country.