President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih met with the Island Council and Women's Development Committee (WDC) of Ukulhas Island on Tuesday to discuss the developmental requirements and concerns of the island's residents. The meeting was held at the Ukulhas Convention Centre.

During the meeting, the President expressed his pleasure in visiting the island. He also stressed the administration's commitment to consulting with the public and seeking their opinion on its developmental plans.

The council members discussed ongoing development projects on the island, including the road development project. The projects are continuing as requested by the local community. They also discussed the most pressing issues, such as the challenges faced by the council due to space constraints in the Council Secretariat and the school's administrative building.

They also emphasised the importance of harmonising pay for the council's administrative staff and the need for a social centre for the community. The President was presented with a list of the council's and community's top priorities during the meeting.

The President acknowledged the council members' requests for a new building for the Council Secretariat and the issue of administrative staff pay at the council. He stated that the administration would thoroughly examine the matters raised and engage in further discussions with relevant government offices and institutions.