President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih concluded his three-day official visit to Addu City on Monday and returned to Malé. A high-level delegation accompanied him on the visit, where he inaugurated several significant developmental projects undertaken by the administration and reviewed the progress of ongoing initiatives.

On Saturday, President Solih officially inaugurated the land expansion project of Addu City and emphasised its role as the initial stride towards the realisation of a vibrant global city. Reflecting on the long-standing aspiration to transform Addu City into a robust global hub, he emphasised that the commencement of the land expansion project marks the beginning of this transformative journey.

On Sunday, the President marked the inauguration of the Gan International Airport expansion project, a significant endeavour to turn Addu City into a regional economic hub. He also visited road construction sites in Addu City, reviewing the progress of the ongoing road development project.

As part of his visit, President Solih engaged in separate meetings with the members of the Addu City Council and the Women's Development Committee (WDC). These discussions centred around the administration's developmental agenda and focused on finding solutions to address the concerns raised by the residential communities.

Earlier Monday, the President visited the Drug Detoxification and Community Rehabilitation Centre on Hulhumeedhoo Island, met with the management and staff, and inquired about their services.

The administration has initiated a comprehensive development initiative in Addu City to position it as the region's primary economic hub. Through a series of diverse developmental projects, the administration seeks to create more socioeconomic opportunities for the residents of Addu City.