President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih on Sunday credited Addu City’s significant development strides as the reason for the high level of confidence the administration presently enjoys amongst the wider Addu community. Addressing the residential community of Addu City during an evening dinner, the President revealed that the administration is poised to unveil the updated framework for the disability allowance shortly.

Addressing the topic of pay harmonisation, the President highlighted its significance in bringing about favourable transformations in salary structures across all sectors. He acknowledged that the completion of these efforts had been delayed due to the economic challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, noting that they would have been achieved by now under normal circumstances.

President Solih affirmed that the ongoing development projects in Addu City were a direct response to the long-standing requests of the local community. He underscored the administration's success in executing various large-scale projects that surpassed previous administrations' efforts in providing vital services to the islands. With the imminent completion of the ongoing projects, the President expressed confidence that the remaining tasks in delivering essential services would be minimal.

Highlighting the paramount importance placed by the administration on maintaining peace and unity, President Solih affirmed the administration's continued commitment to this objective. He further stated that the administration would intensify its endeavours to foster gender equality and effectively address the nation's socioeconomic challenges.

President Solih is on a three-day official visit to Addu City, accompanied by a delegation of high-level officials. This visit aims to reinforce engagement and explore potential avenues for enhanced collaboration between the administration and the authorities of Addu City.