President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih met on Saturday with members of the Addu City Council, engaging in discussions regarding the ongoing progress and development of the city. The meeting was held at the Secretariat of the Addu City Council in Hithadhoo Island and reflected the President's commitment to engaging with local councils and addressing matters of importance at the community level.

During the meeting, the council members expressed their appreciation for President Solih's steadfast commitment to the development of Addu City and acknowledged the administration's notable achievements in the healthcare sector. They highlighted the commendable expansion of services at Addu Equatorial Hospital (AEH), the near completion of the cath lab facility, and the extended reach of healthcare services through the Hulhumedhoo Healthcare Centre, which has positively impacted the community.

The council members commended the administration's proactive measures in addressing the space constraints in Addu City schools and the significant strides made in the education sector under President Solih's leadership. They also emphasised the difficulties the residents of Addu City face in managing waste, the challenges faced by fishermen, and the requirement to increase human resources at the City Council. The council members also acknowledged the significance of Addu City's continued social and economic development.

Speaking with the council members, President Solih acknowledged the council's concerns regarding the fishermen's welfare and assured them that steps are being taken to alleviate their challenges. After a comprehensive discussion of the significant projects within the city, the President affirmed that the raised issues would be carefully considered and further deliberated with the relevant government offices and institutions.