Vice President Faisal Naseem on Thursday inaugurated the 'Inmates Creativity Fair 2023,' organised by the Maldives Correctional Service (MCS). The fair was inaugurated at a ceremony held at K. Maafushi School.

Speaking at the ceremony, the Vice President emphasised the administration's dedicated efforts to enhance prison conditions and prioritise the well-being of inmates. He highlighted the administration's focus on implementing educational, skill development, and employment programmes to rehabilitate and reintegrate inmates into society effectively. He also called for the collaboration of all stakeholders in fostering a law-abiding and healthy community.

The primary objective of the Inmates Creativity Fair was to facilitate the reintegration of convicts into society by showcasing the diverse talents they have acquired. The fair is held from June 1-2, 2023.

The fair serves as a platform to exhibit the artistic skills, products, and crafts of 40 participating inmates, featuring a diverse range of 800 handicraft items, paintings, and 2,400 plants and produce. After the inauguration, the Vice President toured the fair, viewed the exhibits, and interacted with the inmates.