Vice President Faisal Naseem inaugurated on Tuesday the GEMS Workspace, the latest iteration of the Government E-letter Management System (GEMS). The software was launched at a ceremony held Tuesday at the National Centre for Information Technology (NCIT).

Speaking at the event, the Vice President highlighted the transformative impact of the updated GEMS Workspace on enhancing the government's service delivery efficiency. He extended his appreciation to all individuals involved in the project, acknowledging the substantial improvements achieved through the administration's Strategic Action Plan (SAP).

The Vice President highlighted the need to address a longstanding concern raised by the public regarding the unresponsiveness and delays in accessing government services. Emphasising the meticulous attention given to the newly launched workspace, he expressed confidence that implementing the GEMS Workspace across all government offices and institutions would significantly enhance convenience and efficiency for individuals seeking government services.

The new GEMS Workspace software is a standalone option that does not require additional support software. It incorporates message templates and electronic signatures and eliminates the need for printing. Upon the complete implementation of this software, businesses, non-governmental organisations, and individuals alike will be able to engage in correspondence with the government, streamlining the exchange of information.