Vice President Faisal Naseem expressed admiration on Thursday for the remarkable achievements of Malé Water and Sewerage Company Pvt. Ltd. (MWSC) throughout its 28-year existence. Speaking at a ceremony held at Henveiru Stadium to commemorate the company's 28th anniversary, he acknowledged the significant strides made by MWSC over the years.

Recognising the fundamental right to access safe drinking water, the Vice President acknowledged the commendable efforts of MWSC in providing this essential service to the public. He also highlighted the ongoing endeavours of MWSC in executing multiple projects throughout Malé City and the atolls.

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih and his administration prioritise ensuring the provision of comprehensive and reliable water and sewerage services across all inhabited islands in the country. In this regard, the Vice President emphasised the vital and indispensable role played by the dedicated staff of MWSC in fulfilling the administration's commitment.

The Vice President further commended MWSC's management for recognising and appreciating its staff's diligent and devoted efforts. In concluding his statement, he reiterated the administration's unwavering commitment to fostering the development of all islands without discrimination, regardless of population size or specific service requirements, while ensuring the continued provision of essential services.

During this ceremony, the Vice President presented the "Unique Performance Award" and the "Chairman's Award for Excellence" to the recipients. MWSC also presented the Vice President with a special plaque of appreciation.

Founded on April 1, 1995, MWSC presently has a workforce of 1,247 dedicated employees and is actively engaged in 68 projects across 31 islands under the administration's purview. Among these initiatives, 28 have already reached completion, while 40 are progressing at different stages of development.