President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih and First Lady Fazna Ahmed inaugurated the permanent collection at the National Art Gallery on Sunday. It was inaugurated at a function to reopen the gallery after an extensive modernisation project.

The administration has made significant efforts to promote local artists by providing them with opportunities to showcase their talent internationally and to visitors. Recognising the importance of diverse artistic expressions, the administration has prioritised supporting and showcasing various artists and their works as a means of cultural enrichment and fostering tourism engagement.

The permanent collection of the National Art Gallery comprises 44 artworks, including 24 contributions from local artists and donations from internationally recognised artists. The collection also incorporates two artworks that are part of the permanent collection at the National Museum and contributions from former foreign dignitaries who have previously served in the Maldives.

Since the inauguration of the National Art Gallery in 2005, numerous efforts have been made to introduce a permanent collection, which came to fruition today. After inaugurating the new permanent collection, the President and First Lady toured the gallery and viewed the collection.