First Lady Fazna Ahmed stated on Wednesday that today's young leaders are the strength and future of the country. In her remarks at the virtual opening of the 2nd Global Youth Mobilization (GYM) and the Big Six Movement, the First Lady called attention to the growth and development of girl guides and young leaders.

The GYM virtual events celebrate two years of youth-led global action and the launch of its final impact report, highlighting the reach and investment in young people globally since its start in December 2020. The main virtual event would showcase the impact of youth-led solutions, reflect on the Big Six and wider partnership model, and discuss lessons learned to inform global youth financing models.

The First Lady stated in her address at the virtual event that the selfless acts of young leaders as COVID-19 frontline responders, as well as their efforts to ensure the inclusion and happiness of people with special needs, show that they have grown to be better individuals and change makers.Congratulating the organisers for a successful second edition of the Global Youth Mobilization and the Big Six Movement, the First Lady added that these instances are the best illustrations of overcoming obstacles and problems to build the country's future leaders.

She also expressed delight that three young leaders from the Maldives Girl Guides attended the first GYM event, and two attended the youth event in Pune, India. "They are actively delivering their best to our community as I speak," she added.

In conclusion, the First Lady expressed her appreciation for the support and commitment of the administration towards the development and inclusion of youth at all levels. She also reaffirmed her commitment as the chief guide to supporting the girl guides and youth in their quest for a better future.