President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih reminisced on Wednesday about the invaluable services rendered by the late Umar Zahir, state dignitary and honouree of the Order of the Distinguished Rule of Izzuddin (ODRI), stating that his namesake office complex, which opened today, stands testament to his exemplary services. President Solih officially opened the Umar Zahir Office Building developed in Hulhumalé this morning.

Speaking at the ceremony, President Solih recalled the virtues, invaluable contributions to national development, and devotion to preserving national unity of the late Umar Zahir, stating that the land on which the new building stands—Hulhumalé—is a well-planned and executed blueprint by the late Umar Zahir.

The President also spoke about the long service record of the late Umar Zahir, who started his career in government as a clerk and ended it as one of the most influential ministers in the government. The President added that the late Umar Zahir spent over half of his lifetime in the service of the government and nation, which is reason enough to dedicate the new office building in his name.

President Solih also noted that the new office building opened at a most opportune time, with the growing need for new spaces to run government offices. He added that the Ghaazee Building in Malé is old and that the Huravee Building was demolished due to its age. The President also noted that it was costly to operate government offices in rented spaces and that the new building would ensure some reprieve to the budget.

The administration plans to relocate the offices and services of three government ministries to the new building; the Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation, the Ministry of Gender, Family, and Social Services, and the Ministry of Higher Education. The six-storey building features 25,000 square feet of office space on each of its four levels, meeting rooms, seminar rooms, a terrace, and a parking lot for 21 automobiles and 360 motorcycles.