President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih stated on Saturday that the administration prioritises enhancing the Maldives Police Service (MPS) and ensuring that its services meet the highest professional standards. He was speaking at the graduation of the 34th Police Initial Training Course held at the National College of Policing and Law Enforcement in Addu City.

Speaking about the administration's efforts to enhance policing services, President Solih said that it is critical for law enforcement officers to have adequate resources at their disposal. He added that the administration is working towards enhancing the human resources and technological capabilities of the police force, in addition to providing new vehicles.

President Solih described the Maldives Police Service as a highly professional and capable institution that had garnered international trust and recognition. He added that its officers are making significant and exemplary contributions to maintaining international peace and order at the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol).

Despite the numerous challenges of modern-day policing, the President stated that police play an essential role in serving the general public and emphasised their role in combating religious extremism and drug abuse. President Solih added that police officers have the necessary education and technical skills to protect the people and should continue demonstrating their capabilities.

At the function, the President congratulated the 164 graduates of the training programme and encouraged them to remain committed to their institution and continue to serve the public with determination, care, and honesty. President Solih also presented awards and certificates to the top graduates.