President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih called on Friday for the people's support of the administration’s nation-building and developmental efforts. He was speaking at the function to hand over the newly reclaimed land on Dhaandhoo Island in the Gaafu Alifu Atoll to the island council.

Speaking at the function, the President highlighted that the public accepted and supported the administration for the development and progress it had delivered over the past four years. He stated that the administration had helped the people realise their aspirations for essential services, social peace and harmony, and freedom of speech and expression.

He added that the administration had been delivering, despite contrasting political ideologies, on its promise of ensuring equitable trade and commerce opportunities and freedoms of the press and expression and had secured the uninterrupted delivery of essential services.

Speaking about some of these achievements, President Solih stated that over 15,000 people had enrolled in the administration’s free degree programme, of which 125 were from Dhaandhoo Island. He also reiterated the administration’s commitment to resolving challenges to transportation between the islands and ensuring safe drinking water and sewerage services on all islands before the end of its tenure.

Twelve projects initiated by this administration are currently underway on Dhaandhoo Island. President Solih also announced new developmental projects to cater to the needs of the island’s community, including establishing an outlet for the bank and developing a dockyard as part of the harbour expansion project. He also announced plans to build a blood bank as part of the healthcare centre expansion project and develop additional classrooms through the project to develop a multi-purpose hall in the school.

Highlighting that fishing was the mainstay of the island, the President reiterated that the administration was taking steps to address the challenges facing the fishing industry. He added that FENAKA Corporation would soon commence the supply of ice to the island’s fishing community through a credit scheme, and the State Trading Organisation (STO) would provide fuel to cater to their needs.

The land reclamation project of Dhaandhoo Island, commissioned to Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC), saw the addition of 25 hectares of land to the island. The project, funded by the government, cost MVR 186.64 million.