Vice President Faisal Naseem inaugurated on Thursday the 35th National Quran Recitation Competition. At the function held at the King Salman Mosque, the Vice President also opened the "Mahrajan Al-Quran" festival on the mosque grounds.

Speaking at the function, the Vice President highlighted the significance the administration attaches to spreading knowledge of the Holy Quran and religious education. Highlighting the growing number of children memorising the Holy Quran and competing in international recitation competitions, the Vice President extended his gratitude to the National Center for the Holy Quran, teachers, and parents.

In conclusion, the Vice President encouraged everyone to recite the Holy Quran as often as possible, learn to understand its meaning, and strive to follow the holy book's teachings.

The three categories of the 35th National Quran Recitation Competition will see the participation of a total of 1,023 students.