Vice President Faisal Naseem asked on Tuesday for the support and assistance of the international community for the Maldives to realise the goals outlined in its Climate Prosperity Plan (CPP). He made the call in his keynote address at the Climate Vulnerable Forum (CVF) and Vulnerable Group of 20 (V20) event held on the sidelines of the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27).

Shedding light on the threats and drastic impacts of climate change on the Maldives and other climate-vulnerable nations, the Vice President stressed that the countries' exposure to the slow onset of climate threats was bound to increase due to insufficient action from the international community.

"We therefore gather here today as climate-vulnerable nations fighting for survival, pleading for more than mere survival," he added. "Our nations deserve to thrive. They deserve to tap into prosperity and abundance and to guarantee the greatest well-being for our people."

Speaking about the Maldives' CPPs, the Vice President stated that they serve as investment instruments and as plans for raising the funds required for ambitious climate action. He noted that the prosperity plan is about turning this challenge into an opportunity for growth, health, and development.

The Vice President stated that the Maldives' CPP details a strategy to manage sea level rise and not only preserve but also rebound biodiversity, including the highly threatened coral reefs of the Maldives. He also noted that the CPP would help the Maldives advance on an integrated energy system to scale up the renewable energy transition in the country rapidly.

The Vice President added that a successful transition to a prosperity pathway would call for a full-economy strategy that includes the contributions of all stakeholders. Announcing that the Maldives anticipates the completion of its CPP in the coming months, the Vice President emphasised the necessity for complete cooperation and the full concessional finance envelope at our disposal to make this happen.