President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih praised the numerous contributions to national development by the alumni of Majeediyya School, stating that the nation had benefited every day since the school's inception. He made these remarks while speaking at the special function held to commemorate the 95th anniversary of the school.

Madhrasathul Salaahiyyaa—Majeediyya School today—was established on April 19, 1927, as the Maldives' first government school. First Lady Fazna Ahmed, Vice President Faisal Naseem, senior government officials, members of the school management and alumni joined the President at the function held to commemorate the occasion.

Speaking at the function, the President emphasised that we are commemorating the successes of the school's continued efforts over the past 95 years to produce valuable young people. He also recalled the invaluable services rendered by the late Hussain Salahuddin, the founder of Majeediyya School, which marked the beginning of institutional education for Maldivian youth.

The President highlighted the priority accorded by parents to ensure quality education for their children and spoke about how the national education system had evolved. He noted that the establishment of Madhrasathul Salaahiyyaa marked the commencement of education on a national level.

Highlighting the development of the education sector over the years, the President spoke about the phases of progression and the many prejudices that had to be overcome. He stated that the education system today recognises the right of every child to a quality education and that the law requires the state and parents to ensure early childhood education and primary schooling for every child.

The President also described Majeediyya School as an institution representing pride and dignity in its pursuit of educational excellence. He stated that the institution is a proud legacy of the Maldives' heritage and that our national duty is to faithfully and safely pass it down through the generations as a valuable national treasure.

The President said that Majeedhiyya School has produced young people for every sector of national development. He also said that members of the school's alumni continue to serve in every industry and level, rendering invaluable services in various capacities.

At the function, the President celebrated members of the Majeediyya School staff who had served the school for over 25 years and presented plaques of appreciation. The First Lady presented plaques of appreciation to staff who have served for over 20 years, while the Vice President presented plaques to private partners who have supported the school over the years.