The President has appointed two new Ministers and a new Attorney General to his Cabinet. President Nasheed presented their Letters of Appointment at a ceremony held this afternoon at the President’s Office. Before the presentation of the Letters of Appointment, the two Ministers and the Attorney General took their oath of Office before the Chief Justice Uz Abdulla Saeed. The new appointments are as follows:

1. Minster of Civil Aviation and Communication, Mr Mahmood Razee
2. Minister of Home Affairs, Mr Mohamed Shihab
3. Attorney General, Uz Husnu Suood

At the ceremony, the President also appointed Mr Abdul Baree Abdulla, as the Minister of State for Health and Family.

Speaking at the ceremony, the President congratulated the newly appointed officials and expressed his assurance that they would carryout their duties in accordance with the law and Constitution.

Noting that the Constitution provides for a decentralised administration, the President called on Mr Mohamed Shihab, Minister of Home Affairs, to carryout his responsibilities in the full spirit of the Constitution.

Addressing the newly appointed Attorney General, Uz Husnu Suood, the President called on him to support and facilitate the government in promoting, protecting, upholding and defending the rule of law in the country.

President Nasheed also called on Minister of Civil Aviation and Communication, Mr Mahmood Razee to work to develop the country’s aviation sector as well as to identify commercial activities within the government and to corporatize those activities.

Addressing Minister of State for Health and Family, Mr Abdul Baree Abdulla, the President requested him to develop the hospitals and health centres in the country.