First Lady Fazna Ahmed on Wednesday encouraged the students who graduated from Maldives National University (MNU) to pursue knowledge with the resolve to keep the flame of knowledge burning constantly. She made this remark while speaking at the first session of MNU Graduation 2022, held for the Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Education, and Faculty of Shari’ah and Law students.

The First Lady highlighted two key areas in her speech, including the practical experiences gained in a workplace, and the importance of pursuing life-long education. She stated that while different situations and circumstances may arise in the workplace, we must work towards achieving the common goals. She also emphasised the significance of getting along with co-workers and working together to deliver quality results.

The First Lady reiterated the importance of life-long learning by stating that a person’s credentials only recognise their knowledge in a specific field, and that it does not equate to life wisdom. She said that the that the qualifications of the graduating class should be used as a stepping stone to further their knowledge, skills, and talents.

At the ceremony, the First Lady presented graduation certificates and special awards to students who completed their Bachelor’s Degree and Master's Degree.