Following a cabinet meeting at the President's Office on Tuesday afternoon, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih decided to seek advice from the parliament on whether the Maldives should join the International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities (IALA).

The President made this decision after extensive cabinet discussion on the paper submitted to the cabinet by the Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation.

IALA encourages its members to work together to develop marine aids to navigation worldwide, ensuring that the movements of vessels are safe while protecting the marine environment.

Some of the advantages of joining IALA include strengthening maritime cooperation with IALA member countries and ensuring the reliability of the maritime safety system.

Additionally, this would help the Maldives acquire navigational aids, particularly in the modernisation of reef lights; the establishment of reef light monitoring through contemporary technology; and the facilitation of reef light information to vessels through technological assistance from other nations. Furthermore, it will contribute to the protection of the marine environment.