First Lady Fazna Ahmed on Monday stated that everyone must work together in order to achieve wholesome mental well-being. She made this remark while speaking at the inauguration of the Mental Health Centre at Hulhumalé Hospital.

During her remarks, the First Lady stated that she hopes that all hospital personnel recognise that mental health is the responsibility of the entire hospital, from the ambulance driver to the top management staff, and not the sole responsibility of one department. She advised the hospital staff to ensure that the hospital is a kind and caring environment and that all patients are well taken care of.

She reflected her recent trip to Bahrain, where she visited the King Hamad University Hospital, and spoke about the importance of cross-departmental collaboration in ensuring patients' mental health is properly cared for. She said that Hulhumalé Hospital could draw inspiration from the Bahraini Hospital and implement similar initiatives.

The new Mental Health Centre at the Hulhumalé Hospital is a part of the administration’s initiative to prioritise and advance mental health through national policies. It provides a variety of services, including assessments for diagnosis; counselling services; and cognitive and dialectical behavioural therapy. Additionally, the new centre will collaborate with Cadabams Hospital—one of the leading psychiatric and mental hospitals in Bangalore, India—to provide online consultations for child development and other specialist services.

Vice President Faisal Naseem also attended the inauguration ceremony held at the Hulhumalé Hospital this morning. During the ceremony, the First Lady and the Vice President were presented with a commemorative plaque on behalf of the Cadabams Group, India.

October 10 is marked as World Mental Health Day each year. This year’s theme is "Make mental health and well-being for all a global priority".