Vice President Faisal Naseem on Sunday concluded his two-day official visit to Raa Atoll and returned to Malé. He visited In’guraidhoo, Innamaadho, Vandhoo, Maakurathu, Dhuvaafaru, and Ungoofaaru Islands as part of the tour.

There, he met with members of the island councils, Women’s Development Committees (WDCs), and senior management of public offices and institutions and exchanged views on the developmental projects being carried out in the islands.

On Ungoofaaru Island, the Vice President visited the Ungoofaaru Regional Hospital, met with the senior management and staff, and enquired about the progress of the hospital expansion project. He also stopped by Vandhoo Island and inspected the operations of the Regional Waste Management Facility operated by the Waste Management Corporation Ltd. (WAMCO).

On Dhuvaafaru Island, he attended the "Raa Tourism Expo 2022" awards ceremony held to commemorate the 50th anniversary of tourism in the Maldives. He presented awards to the winners of the handicraft exhibition held as part of the exposition and the recipients of the Atoll Resort Awards.