Vice President Faisal Naseem on Saturday met with the members of the island council, the Women’s Development Committee (WDC) and the heads of the island’s institutes in Maakurathu Island in Raa Atoll and discussed ongoing projects and developmental needs of the island.

Discussions at the meeting focused on the harbour project; road development on the island; improving healthcare services; challenges in waste management; and space constraints in the Council Secretariat. They also discussed the need for police services and ways to improve the island's socio-economic status.

The members of the WDC emphasised the difficulties they face in carrying out their work due to budgetary constraints, while the heads of the island's institutes expressed the need to build a multipurpose hall in addition to the classrooms currently being developed in the school. They also highlighted the difficulty in finding teachers, particularly those with Special Educational Needs (SEN) training.

The Vice President underscored the ongoing developmental projects on the island and provided updates on their latest progress. He also stressed the importance of working together for the benefit of the island. He then assured the members and representatives at the meeting that their concerns would be discussed with the relevant ministries.

The Vice President visited Maakurathu Island’s health centre and spoke with the staff and inquired about their needs and the services provided. He also toured the facility and inspected the progress of the health centre’s expansion building.