President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih on Monday met with the members of the island council and the Women’s Development Committee (WDC) of Finey Island in Haa Dhaalu atoll. The meeting took place at the Council Secretariat of Finey Island.

At the meeting, the members acknowledged that the administration had completed three major development projects and stated that the residents of Finey Island had faith and trust in the administration. They also highlighted that there were several projects that are currently ongoing on the island.

The council members conferred their most pertinent needs to the President. Some of the issues highlighted at the meeting include the need for harbour expansion; restoring the old school building; the need for sports equipment and infrastructure; and the challenges faced due to a lack of a community centre on the island.

Speaking to members of the council and WDC, President Solih assured them that the administration would find ways to address their concerns by consulting relevant authorities. The President also briefed the council on the progress being made to build the multipurpose hall at the school, stating that the project is now in the bidding phase.

The administration has completed significant projects on Finey Island. These include the provision of water supply; the installation of a water and sanitation network; the construction of the new powerhouse and office building; and commissioning of a new electricity network. The Raajje Transport Link’s (RTL) ferries also operated on the island.

The President will visit Utheemu Island in Haa Alifu Atoll next. The President is accompanied by cabinet ministers and senior government officials.