Vice President Faisal Naseem on Sunday toured infrastructure development sites for social and healthcare sector projects in Hulhumalé. He visited the General Practitioner Service Centre under development in the Hiya towers and the Mental Health Centre under development at the Hulhumalé Hospital and checked arrangements for public viewing of the 2022 FIFA World Cup matches in Hulhumalé.

The Vice President also visited land plot designated for the State Trading Organisation (STO) outlet and Waste Management Corporation Ltd. (WAMCO) site in Hulhumalé, met the senior management and inquired about their operations. He also checked the work progress to designate a parking zone for heavy vehicles and the bus stand developed by State Electric Company Ltd. (STELCO) near the Vinares flats.

The General Practitioner Service Centre, developed by the Ministry of National Planning, Housing and Infrastructure, Hulhumalé Hospital and Housing Development Corporation (HDC), is located in Hiya Tower H16. The Mental Health Centre would increase the capacity and scale up mental health services in the Malé region.