President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih on Tuesday appealed for public support in gathering information for the Census 2022, noting that the enumerators are performing an important but difficult task. He made the remark at Dharubaaruge, where the census teams are based for the mobilization process that commenced this morning.

Speaking to the data collection teams, President Solih said that the information gathered during the census would be instrumental in planning the country's future. He said that census data would facilitate developmental planning and identify the most pressing societal issues within communities.

During his tour, the President inquired about the census data collection process for 2022 and observed the resource mobilisation operations in progress at Dharubaaruge.

The Maldives Bureau of Statistics (MBS) is undertaking the Census 2022. The listing operation will be carried out on the 13 – 14 September 2022, while the main operation will continue from 17 – 25 September 2022. The MBS recruited over 4,000 enumerators for Census 2022, out of which around 2,000 enumerators will be working in the Malé area.