President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih on Sunday met with the council members of Feevah Island in the Shaviyani Atoll. Discussions at the meeting held at the President’s Office focused on the developmental plans and pertinent needs of the island’s residents.

The council members stated that President Solih and his administration had, over the past four years, spearheaded the most significant social and economic development the island had ever seen and extended their gratitude to the President on behalf of their constituents. They told the President that he had been the only leader to have ever pledged to develop the island and stood steadfast in ensuring those pledges were delivered—several infrastructure projects initiated by the administration have so far been completed.

Sunday’s meeting was the first time the local council of Feevah Island had the opportunity to meet a sitting President to discuss their needs since the establishment of local councils under the Decentralisation Act.

Speaking at the meeting, the President extended his appreciation for the commitment and support of the council members toward the administration’s developmental agenda. Some of the topics the council members discussed with the President include the need for coastal protection and developing a designated swimming area. The President assured the council members that the administration would seek ways to address their concerns.