President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih on Tuesday met with the new National Bodyboarding Senior Team. The meeting was held at the President’s Office this morning.

The President was presented with a team jersey and the official promotional t-shirt of the Maldives’ National Bodyboarding Senior Team participating in the International Bodyboarding Corporation (IBC)’s first Bodyboarding World Tour event on the Asian Continent – the Visit Maldives Pro 2022.

President Solih underscored the priority accorded to the development of water sports in the country by the administration. The President wished the local athletes competing a successful tour and emphasised that bodyboarding could be developed further in the Maldives as the country is surrounded by the sea. The President noted that more international sporting events have been held in the country within the past two years, even with the hardship of the Covid-19 pandemic.

At the meeting, Ahmed Mahloof, the Minister of Youth, Sports, and Community Empowerment, recalled the President’s pledge during his Presidential Address to hold an international bodyboarding competition in the Maldives and thanked the President for his cooperation in improving water sports in the country. He added that the international participants in the competition would help promote Maldives’ tourism industry.

The officials of the bodyboarding team relayed information about the competition to the President. They highlighted that over 100 international athletes, in addition to the locals, were contesting in the Visit Maldives Pro 2022 and that world champions in bodyboarding were also amongst the contestants.

Senior officials from the ministry, the Maldives Bodyboarding Association, and team members and officials of the National Bodyboarding Senior Team, also attended today's meeting.

The IBC’s first Bodyboarding World Tour event on the Asian Continent – the Visit Maldives Pro 2022 will be held from July 29 to August 7, 2022 in Malé.