President Nasheed and Madam Laila Ali have, early this morning, departed to the United Kingdom on an official visit.

The President’s visit is on the invitation of Queen Elizabeth II. Speaking to the media at a press conference held last night at the Muleeaage, the President said the purpose of his visit was to seek expertise and investments to various developmental projects as well as to facilitate British businesses to operate in the Maldives.

The President was accompanied by the Special Envoy of the President, Mr Ibrahim Hussain Zaki; Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr Ahmed Shaheed; Minister of Health and Family, Dr Aminath Jameel; Minister of Housing, Transport and Environment, Mr Mohamed Aslam; Minister of Economic Development, Mr Mohamed Rasheed; Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture, Dr Ahmed Ali Sawad; Minister of State for Home Affairs, Mr Mohamed Naseer and some senior officials of the President’s Office.