Vice President Faisal Naseem on Monday urged religious scholars to work together and conduct religious education programmes across the country throughout the year. He made the call at a meeting with religious scholars and other parties that assisted the Ministry of Islamic Affairs in carrying out religious education programmes during Ramadan in 1443 AH. The meeting was held at the Islamic Centre.

Speaking at the meeting, the Vice President emphasised the importance of increasing religious awareness and stressed the significance of ensuring the programmes are exciting and engaging. He also asked the parties to expand such programmes to include the atolls.

The Vice President also extended his appreciation to the ministry for its efforts during Ramadan every year to raise religious awareness. He also expressed gratitude to the religious scholars and other parties for their ongoing support and assistance with the programmes. The Vice President also noted that, under President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih's guidance, the ministry carried out numerous religious awareness programmes in the atolls this year.