President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih met with the council members of Kamadhoo Island in the South Maalhosmadulu Atoll on Thursday. At the meeting at the President’s Office, the council members expressed their appreciation of the administration’s developmental initiatives, stating that the administration had pioneered the most activities on the island.

The council member also shared with the President the most pressing needs and concerns of the island’s residents. Some concerns relate to coastal erosion; space constraints at the school and health centre; introducing policing; the requirement for a new mosque; and challenges in utilising the harbour.

The council members also discussed ways to align the administration’s developmental projects with the island’s land-use plan. They also highlighted the difficulties faced by the Women’s Development Committee (WDC) in discharging their duties.

At the meeting, the President shared the latest updates on the developmental projects currently underway and planned for the island. He also assured the council members that the administration would work towards finding amicable solutions to their concerns. He noted the importance of such meetings, stating that feedback received at such meetings aids in improving the administration’s policies and services.