During the meeting held at the Hoarafushi Council building with the Hoarafushi Council members, Women's Development Committee, and Senior Institutional Representatives, Vice President Faisal Naseem stated that the government gives high priority and is working towards paving way for full decentralizion.

At the meeting, Council members and institutional representatives shared concerns and the developmental needs of the islanders. In this regard, the Councilors highlighted the need to commence the projects included in the budget at the earliest possible convenience. Likewise, the Council members shed light on the importance of expediting the construction of the hospital on the island. Also, the senior representatives from Hoarafushi Health Centre highlighted the most difficult issues they face in providing their services and the issues that need to be resolved immediately. Furthermore, senior representatives from the HA. Atoll school briefed on the school's infrastructure and human resource requirements.

During the meeting, the Vice President stated that the government would take the necessary actions to facilitate the decentralization of institutions. The Vice President also stated that the main purpose of meeting with the Council and heads of the island's institutions was to identify the needs of the people and facilitate the improvement of services. In this regard, the President stated that the Council's requests would be carried out in consultation with the government authorities.