President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has met with the North Ari Atoll Rasdhoo Island Council and Women's Development Committee (WDC), this afternoon at the Secretariat of the Rasdhoo Council. Councillors thanked President Solih during this meeting for the close personal attention he pays to residents' interests by travelling to the island to listen to their concerns.

Speaking during the meeting today, Councillors relayed the most urgent needs and difficulties faced by the residents of Rasdhoo Island. They raised issues such as housing scarcity faced due to lack of land, upgrades required in healthcare, difficulties in using utilities and concerns regarding the delay in the completion of ongoing projects on the island. They also noted issues such as damage to the seawall, the need for increasing the number of sports facilities and improving the working engagement between the Council and government agencies. The members of the WDC also spoke during the meeting, stating that they require technical expertise and training to more efficiently conduct their programmes.

President Solih gave the Councillors and WDC members the latest updates regarding the planned and ongoing projects for Rasdhoo Island. He revealed that the housing programme included in the upcoming year's budget would establish a temporary housing solution for the island and that a long-term plan would be devised to permanently solve the issue. The President affirmed that, as per his pledges, all developmental projects initiated on the island would be completed within the next two years. He also assured that he would work with the Local Government Authority (LGA) to offer the WDC the technical training they require.

Following the meeting, President Solih visited the North Ari Atoll Hospital and checked on ongoings at the hospital. He also visited the area of Rasdhoo Island beach currently afflicted by erosion.

Rasdhoo Island is the President’s second destination on his current two-day trip to six islands of North Ari Atoll. President Solih is accompanied on this trip by a delegation of cabinet ministers and senior officials from the government.