President Nasheed has said that he would not allow a government, with him at the helm, to become a dictatorship. The President made this statement while speaking with the people of Hulhudhuffaaru.

The President said that with a divided parliament and without a majority in the parliament to any one single party, it would not be possible to maintain a government.

Speaking further, the President said he would not “ridge votes; ban political parties; infringe the people’s right to freedom of speech; subject the citizens to torture and other cruel and inhuman punishment; create fear among the population; appoint family members to senior government posts; wilfully misappropriate state funds and resources; and, ignore the plight of the people”.

He said his aim was to bring an exemplary democratic system to the Maldives. Further, the President said people of the country would soon experience the positive effects of this good governance.

Referring to the developmental projects for Hulhudhuffaaru, the President said the work of establishing a water and sewerage system in the island would begin this year, and that road construction project would follow afterwards. In addition, the President said the government planned to set up a vocational training centre in the island. The training centre, the government believes, would offer better opportunities for those students unable to get satisfactory academic results.