President Nasheed has said the government attaches a high priority towards the provision of quality services that are needed by the people. The President made this statement while speaking at the function held to mark the silver jubilee anniversary of Ungoofaaru School and Ungoofaaru Hospital. The President’s visit to Ungoofaaru is the fourth leg of his current tour of North Maalhosmadulu atoll.

Speaking with the people of the island, the President said that the government’s aim was to make available at the Ungoofaaru hospital, all the services that are provided in Male’. He said that the establishment of a training centre, in Ungoofaaru, for nurses and laboratory technicians was also planned.

Further, the President said the government’s objective was to have a 60 percent pass in O/level. In addition, he said that a vocational centre would be set up in Ungoofaaru to give opportunity for those students who do fail in the secondary school examinations.

Speaking more on the development projects planned for Ungoofaaru, the President said that 80 flats would be built in Ungoofaaru and that the construction of the island harbour would also begin soon.

In his speech, the President also highlighted the importance of a just judicial system. In this regard, he said the judiciary should make the government answerable as well as protect individual rights.

After meeting with the people of the island, President Nasheed opened a photo exhibition, which was organised by the Ungoofaaru School.

During his visit to the island, the President also visited the Ungoofaaru Hospital. A cake to mark the silver jubilee anniversary of the hospital was cut by the President.