President Nasheed has said that he always felt very strongly against inhuman treatment. The President made this remark while speaking as a special guest at the 700th show of Heyanbo.

Heyanbo is a variety show on Television Maldives and is currently being hosted by Ms Mariyam Waheeda and Mr Ibrahim Munaz.

When asked about his memories of his imprisonment and being put into solitary confinement, the President said that he always tried to move foreword rather than look back into the past. He added that a lot of work still needed to be done and that we need to focus on the future.
When asked about his style of speech, President Nasheed said that spoken language is unique to individuals and it would reflect the values and views of the speaker.

Further, the President was asked whether he sensed any change in the people’s attitude towards him during his visits to the islands as President when compared with his as a presidential candidate. In response, the President said he still received the same respect and admiration from the people. He also said that a leader should be available and accessible for anyone to reach and speak to whenever a need arises.