President Nasheed has said that the government planned to develop Rasgetheemu as a historical centre. He made this statement while speaking with the people of Rasgetheemu this morning.

The President said that during his recent visit to the United Kingdom, discussions were held on this matter with the concerned British authorities. Further, he said a centre specialising in paper preservation and restoration of ancient buildings will be set up in Rasgetheemu.

In his speech, the President focused on the government’s efforts to fulfil its electoral pledges to the people. In this regard, he highlighted the development projects planned for Rasgetheemu.

President Nasheed said a sewerage system will be established in the island within this year and that construction of housing units would also begin this year. Furthermore, the President said that the government would address the immediate needs of the people.

Noting that the government attached the highest priority on the decentralisation project, the President briefed the people on the advantages of a decentralised government.

During his visit to Rasgetheemu, the President laid the foundation stone of the Silver Jubilee building of Rasgetheemu School. He also inaugurated the silver jubilee fund.