President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, on Monday, reemphasised his administration’s commitment to direct its efforts towards the will and needs of the people. Speaking with the press this afternoon at the President’s Office, he congratulated the projected winners of Saturday’s Local Council and Women’s Development Committee elections.

The President restated the key role that councillors would play in the new decentralised governance system and urged the councillor-elects to work in solidarity with the government to support their respective constituencies. He said the most significant victory in this election is that over 35% of forecasted winners were women. He stated that his administration had initiated policies that stipulate impartial and inclusive systems to empower women.

Concluding his statement, President Solih thanked the management, staff and officials of the Elections Commission (EC). He commended them for their tenacity in organising a free and fair election while abiding by the Covid-19 guidelines.

Following his statement, President Solih answered several of the journalists’ queries into the government’s key policies, including the zero-tolerance to corruption policy, presidential commissions, housing, PSIP projects, and other public concerns.