The Ugail Foundation and Housing Development Corporation (HDC) present two books to President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih – both authored by children on their vision of the world in 20 years. The President accepted the publications at a ceremony held at the President’s Office this morning.

A group of children from the Circle – an educational programme initiated by the Ugail Foundation – are behind the two books; “Vision 2040” and “2040: What would it be like?”

“Vision 2040,” by children between the ages of seven and 10, envisions 2040 as an era of space travel and exciting jobs. The second book, “2040: What would it be like?” developed by children between 11-14 years, portrays the world in the next 20 years as a period of exciting new chapters. The children created the content, cover page, illustrations and all other components of the two books.

The Ugail Foundation is a non-governmental organisation committed to conducting social work in education and training, life skills development, community awareness and human capital development.