First Lady Fazna Ahmed has stressed the importance of enhancing stakeholder engagement in protecting the rights of children. She made the statement in a video message she gave on the occasion of World Children’s Day. Speaking in this regard, the First Lady emphasized the need to continually strengthen child rights legislation and facilitating inter-agency collaboration relevant to protecting children.

Speaking further, the First Lady described children as “agents of change,” whose voice was vital to address societal issues. She then urged every child to raise their voice in matters related to their rights. The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child – adopted in 1989 – ensures the right of every child to express their views and taken seriously per their age and maturity.

This right is also echoed in the Child Rights Protection Act, which came into force today, alongside the Juvenile Justice Act. In her message, the First Lady highlighted on some of the rights accorded to children through the legislation.

Speaking further in this regard, the First Lady urged every child to be more responsible when it comes to exercising their rights, whilst ensuring that they steer clear from any form of criminal activities. And in such an event when they cross the law, the First Lady urged them to take responsibility, apologise and take every step necessary to become better citizens.

She concluded her remarks, urging all State institutions tasked with the responsibility of protecting the rights of children to work harder, more robust and with more vigilance.